Florida Red Light Camera Ticket Facts

Florida red light camera sign

It is dangerous and unlawful to drive past a red light. Using a red light camera to drive through a red light is dangerous, unlawful, and costly. The cost of a red light ticket is generally $158, but if you don't pay after the first notification, the cost rises to $262. Here are a few key points to remember about red light cameras.

Failure to stop when making a right-hand turn.

If you turn right without coming to a complete stop, these red light cameras are infamous for blinking. You can expect to get a penalty if you don't come to a complete stop at a red light, even if you're making a right turn. 

Driving through a yellow light will not result in a citation.

The red light cameras will only record your car if you enter the intersection while the signal is red. You will not be issued a ticket if you enter when the light is yellow and it turns red while you are already at the intersection.

The ticket is sent to the registered owner of the car.

If you drive your friend's car and run a red light, the charge will be sent to the person whose name is on the registration. The same may be said for your vehicle. If someone else runs a red light, the ticket will be issued to you. You can dispute this, but proving it can be tough.

The first warning does not result in further points being added to your license.

A red light ticket, also known as a Notice of Violation, will not result in points being added to your driver's license. If you do not pay the initial $158 notice, you will receive a second notice with a higher amount of $262. If you receive this second notice, which is now considered a ticket, the offense will result in points being added to your license.

Not all flashes result in a violation.

Even if someone does not drive through a red light, the cameras may activate. This commonly happens when someone makes a hard stop in front of a red light, triggering the cameras without really driving through it. The car's front wheels may have gone past the trigger point, turning off the camera's lights. A Notice of Violation is not always delivered when these or similar events occur.

It's worth noting that each image captured by the camera is scrutinized by a police officer, who then decides whether or not a violation happened.

What does the cameras capture?  Video and photos? 

The camera will snap two photos and record a video of 12 seconds. The date, time, and position of the intersection will all be included in your message. Because most cameras don't capture faces, the car's driver is unknown.

Can I take the ticket notice to court and contest it?

You have the right to challenge your infraction in court if you believe it was unjustified. You are being lawfully cited in Florida for s. 316.075(1)(c)1., Fla.Stat., which states that a driver must stop before approaching a red light.

Consider taking a basic driver improvement (BDI) course if a red light traffic ticket has added points to your license and you want to prevent points and insurance increases while learning more about the subtleties of the road.