Florida Red Light Camera Fines Increasing

Its not surprising to see cities getting desperate to raise fines as their violation numbers begin to drop as citizens get smarter about navigating around the locations.  The US is in arguably the deepest and longest recession in decades yet government feel like they are free to double fines for violations.  Some might call this 100% inflation in economics.   I have heard rumors of other cities around the US doing this as well in order to keep camera operations profitable.  However, my speculation is the State government of Florida wants a piece of the City and County revenue. 

Drivers in Florida who fail to stop for red lights will be facing a steeper fines according to this news report. The fine for getting caught on camera running a red light is going up and other Florida counties may join Collier County. Governor Charlie Crist has signed the bill making the red light cameras legal statewide. The fine has been raised to $158. Currently, the fine price varies between $60 and $100.  Read more: Watch the News Report

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