6 Different Types of Lawyers and What They Do

Different Types of Lawyers

There is a good chance that we will need to contact a lawyer at least once throughout our life. But what most don't realize is that there are many different types of legal professionals. It's not all like what you see in the movies! Each has their own specialties, and it's important to know what they do before you reach out to them. 

Below we are going to mention six types of lawyers and explain their primary roles.


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General Practice Lawyer


A general practice lawyer handles a wide range of cases and is not particularly specialized in a specific area. From handling minor criminal matters such as a red light ticket to drafting and reviewing contracts, they have a broad range of knowledge. Generally, younger lawyers will start off in this career until they find their field of interest. However, this doesn't mean they are not competent. 


Family Lawyer


A family lawyer focuses on matters that involve legal relationships. This includes handling cases relating to divorce and child custody. However, their work can also cross over into other fields. For instance, they may also assist with a domestic violence case, deal with pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and even litigation.


Criminal Lawyer


The role of a criminal lawyer is to prosecute or defend an individual that is accused of a criminal offense. In addition, they provide legal advice to their clients, investigate certain matters and help review necessary documentation in preparation to present their case in court.


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Corporate Lawyers


A corporate lawyer represents a corporation/business as a whole. Their role is to advise their clients of all of their rights and responsibilities. Most of these professionals tend to work in-house, handling a variety of issues. For example, alongside assisting with deals, contract drafting, and policies, they also ensure that the corporation is complying with the securities law. 


Estate Lawyers


Estate lawyers help ensure all of your finances are taken care of in the event of your passing. They handle all aspects of estate planning, including writing a will so that your wishes are met.


They can also work with you to develop a living will in the case that you are mentally incapacitated. This way, your family does not need to make such challenging decisions.


Civil Litigation lawyer


Finally, last on the list, the role of a civil litigation lawyer is to resolve disputes between two different parties. Generally, this is a conflict between people or businesses over finances. They represent either the applicant (plaintiff) or the respondent (defendant) and work to share their side of the case. Like most of the lawyers on this list, their responsibilities may also cross over into other sections.


And that's it! These were six different types of lawyers and what they do.