10 Ways to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Spicy

Long-distance relationships can be difficult and stressful because the one you love is miles away and it can be sad because you’ve not seen the person in months or years as the case may be. Well, they say Love conquers all, problems may occur but love makes them stronger and does not break them.

There are ways to enjoy long distance relationship . Here’s a few of them;

1.       Surprise yourselves at every chance you get

Life is made easier now since you can buy gifts for your partners and have them delivered to their doorsteps. Whether it is food or things you know they love, everyone loves surprises no matter what.

2.       Communicate Regularly

Distance isn’t a barrier when it comes to communication, we all have cell phones in this age and time and that has made communication easier and faster, you can talk to your partner who is miles away.

3.       Plan your dates together

Planning for what you’ll finally do the next time you meet is a very good thing, regardless of when you’ll meet, it is advisable to plan, pick where you will meet, the food you’ll eat, how you’ll get there whether your spouse will come to pick you up and the likes, make it very fun and lively.

4.       Come up with a to-do list

We have several things we would love to do with our partners, talk about it, list all the things you want to do with them, and prepare for it.

5.       Video chat yourselves regularly

Because distance is the barrier between you, you would love to see yourselves, and since it isn’t possible physically, you have to do it regardless which means you have to do it electronically, we all have social media apps that support video chat, do that regularly pending the time you will see your partner.

6.       Plan Surprise Visits

You can also decide to visit your partners as a surprise, these little things matter a lot and they make the trust in a relationship grow.

7.       Confess your love at every chance you get

Don’t try to bottle up your feelings at all times, confess your love at every opportunity you get, apart from making the person understand that you are still in love with him/her, your partner stays conscious of the fact that they have a loving partner and your partner wouldn’t cheat on you

8.       Be your partner’s best friend and lover

Communicate with your partner regularly and talk about all there is to talk about, it isn’t bad to have both your spouse and your best friend in one person, it strengthens your relationship and you enjoy it better.

9.       Watch shows together

If you are both movie lovers watch shows together and discuss them.

10.   Let your partner know if you’re turned on

If you are turned on, let your partner know while texting, don’t be shy about it

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