A Closer Look at SR-22 Insurance Cover

A Closer Look at SR-22 Insurance Cover

It is expensive and stressful to deal with a legal case after being arrested or having your license suspended for a DUI. Obtaining a letter from your state's Department of Motor Vehicles directing you to collect your SR-22 document is even worse.

First-time offenders have a difficult time getting to know the definition of the term SR-22 Insurance. Also knowing its use is a challenge for all first-time offenders. 

What is an SR-22? 

It can also be called an SR-22 bond, SR-22 insurance, an SR-22 form, or a Certificate of Financial Responsibility.

It is proof that you have the minimum required liability auto vehicle insurance that is required in that state-Once you have provided this certificate, the authorities will notify the State's Department of Motor Vehicles that you have what is required and financially responsible to drive in that state. 

Uses of  A SR-22 insurance. 

Despite being commonly associated with DWI offenses or DUI offenses, there are other occasions when an SR-22 license will be required. They include:

1-After being involved in a reckless driving instance.

2-When caught driving a car without the right insurance cover.

3-When your license has been revoked or suspended.

4-When you have been involved in multiple violations or at-fault accidents.

5-Repeated traffic offenses. 

How To Get An SR-22 Certificate. 

If you are in possession of an insurance cover, you can consult your insurance service provider on the requirements needed to add the SR-22 policy to your existing insurance cover.

Not every insurance company offers SR-22 insurance. This will help those that are new in the market when looking for an insurance company to join or seek insurance services such as SR-22. 

The insurance company after adding your new cover will get in touch with your state to file the SR-22 form. To expedite the process, the insurance company can opt to file the form electronically instead of by mail. 

How Much Does An SR-22 Cost? 

In most states, the filing fee for SR-22 insurance costs around $15-$25 dollars. As long as the insurance policy hasn't expired, the fee is paid only once and will only be renewed after the insurance policy has expired-after three consecutive years.

Drivers that need the SR-22 insurance are charged more than the other drivers since they are considered high-risk targets. The filing fee is however much cheaper than the SR-22 fee.

Different rates are charged by different companies to individuals who go looking for an SR-22 license. To get the best rates, it is advisable to get a list of all insurance providers and compare their SR-22 rates. You will be able to pick a policy that is affordable and that best suits your needs. 

How Long Does An SR-22 Insurance Last. 

A driver is required to maintain an SR-22 file for three consecutive years. Different states have different SR-22 requirements but three years is the average time.

An insurance company is required to inform the DMV in case there is an interruption on the insurance cover. This subsequently means that you are no longer in compliance and hence not insured. 

Failure To Maintain An SR-22 Insurance Cover. 

Failure to make a payment or cancel your insurance policy during the three years has some repercussions. Normally you should hold onto your non owner SR-22 car insurance for three years.

Some of the repercussions of canceling an SR-22 Insurance cover includes:

1-The suspension of your vehicle registration.

2-The suspension of your license.

3-More money to pay for the extra fines.

4-Extra fees for registration and reinstating your insurance policy cover.

5-Higher premiums when purchasing new insurance covers.

When holding an SR-22 be sure to practice safe driving measures and follow all driving guidelines provided by the State to prevent you from paying fines, being arrested, or having your license suspended or revoked.

Good driving behavior will help improve your insurance premiums and also set you on a good driving record.

Ignoring the required terms will only cost you more money and waste your valuable time.

For more details visit your state department office to get more information on the SR-22 regulations and get in touch with an insurance company.