7 Ways to Avoid Traffic Violation Penalties

Getting a traffic citation will never be an enjoyable experience and you will want to avoid getting one at all costs. You know that there are far better things you will want to spend your money on instead of paying an expensive traffic citation, so here are 7 simple rules you should follow if you want to avoid traffic tickets.

1. Avoid Speeding

This is an obvious rule, you should always be monitoring your speed when you drive. Sometimes we get into “highway hypnosis” and daydream causing us to speed unknowingly, but it is important that you immediately break this habit. Even for those of you who speed purposely, it is important to know that speeding is rarely worth it and it really only saves you time on long destination road trips. Speeding while you are in a city is more likely to get you a costly fine opposed to saving time on a trip. Ask yourself, is it really worth an expensive fine just to save a few minutes? Speeding will only give the police a great excuse to pull you over and slap you with a citation, just monitor your speed and save yourself the money and time.

2. Focus Further Ahead on the Road

Shifting your focus further ahead while you drive will help you to keep a straighter line. One of the first tips that defensive driving instructors will tell you is that looking further ahead while you drive is safer than following your natural instinct of looking right in front of your vehicle. Looking further ahead will help you navigate potential obstacles or dangerous situations more quickly, as well as keeping your vehicle driving in a straight line. Looking right in front of your vehicle will cause you to swerve more, potentially attracting police because they think you are intoxicated. No one wants to have to do a sobriety test on the side of the road.

3. Buy a Radar Detector

Radar detectors work by detecting electromagnetic frequencies of radar guns nearby. The radar detector will alert you by beeping if there is a police officer or speed van nearby. If you truly feel that you cannot break your speeding habit, then purchasing a radar detector will be your best option. This is also a good option for drivers who tend to go into autopilot and find themselves speeding on accident. Good radar detectors may cost you a few hundred dollars but if you find yourself receiving fines often, it may be a good investment for you. No one wants to condone speeding, but if you want to avoid traffic tickets, this device may help you on the road.

4. Do Not Drive Excessively Under the Limit

A good rule of thumb to follow for avoiding tickets is to blend in with the cars around you. Driving excessively under the speed limit is dangerous and will cause police to single you out. Some people believe that they only have to abide by the speed limit, but driving too slowly impedes traffic. Additionally, driving too slowly in the far left lane is also a crime because it is a passing lane and once again, you will be impeding traffic. It is always advised that you be mindful of the behaviors the other drivers around you are exhibiting. It will be best to drive at the general speed they are, and if you find that people are having to dodge you in traffic you might want to increase your speed a little.

5. Never Drive Under the Influence

Driving under the influence includes alcohol, sedative prescription drugs, and other illicit drugs. If you are weaving in and out of your lane or taking dangerous actions, a police officer can and will pull you over. Driving under the influence is deemed unacceptable by all officers and they are very unlikely to give you any leeway if they catch you. Not only will you likely receive hefty fines, but you risk being arrested and getting criminal charges. With all of the ride-sharing apps available today, there is really no excuse to be driving under the influence. You will be risking the lives of yourself and of others, driving intoxicated is one of the worst mistakes a person can possibly make.

6. Be Respectful to the Officer

Being pulled over is never fun, but you must remember that the police officer is simply doing their job by trying to keep the roads safe. Your attitude during the stop could determine whether or not you ultimately receive a ticket. If you are polite and courteous during your interaction with the officer, you may find that they will be willing to offer you some leeway. Police officers are people too, treating them respectfully is a way to get on their good side. Many people advise that you ask the officer if there is any leniency before they walk away from your vehicle after the initial interaction, if you were polite the officer may give you a warning or a lesser penalty, and the worst they can say is no. If you find that you will not be able to get yourself out of a ticket it is advised that you get in contact with a lawyer such as Traffic Law Potts Lawyers.

7. Make Sure Your Documents are Up to Date

These documents will include your registration, insurance, and state inspections. Police officers are trained to look out for these factors and issue tickets if you are not compliant with the law. Speeding as well as having out of date paperwork is a sure way to get pulled over. Many of these infractions come with a hefty fine so just save yourself the time and money and make sure everything is up to date. It is also important that you have all of your paperwork organized so that you can avoid having to fumble through your glovebox making the officer wait. Anyone would get annoyed if they have to wait to do their jobs because someone is disorganized. If they see that you have everything handy and ready to go, and you are being polite during the traffic stop, they just might offer you some leniency.