Simple Ways to Become a Safer Driver

Simple Ways to Become a Safer Driver

The number of car accidents that happen every year is incredible, motivating people to be safer drivers. The good thing is you can do this easily with the following suggestions that shouldn't take too long to adopt. 

Phone Issues 

One thing that could make you an unsafe driver is distractions, and phones are distractions for most people. All those messages, phone calls, pictures, notifications, and who knows what else can distract you while you're driving. Some people interact with their phones behind the wheel, which puts you and anyone else with you at risk. The good thing is there's a straightforward thing you can do. You can download a driving app that stops all notifications from coming in while you're driving. Most of these are activated automatically the moment you start going 15 miles per hour. 

Watch the Speed 

The next thing you can do to be safer is to stay within the speed limit. Those limits are there for a reason, but people can overlook this. Some people do it on purpose, while others just forget to stay within the speed limit. Face it; you don't always pay attention to your speed while you're driving. Make a habit of glancing at your speedometer once every minute or so. Doing this should keep you safe, and you should also consider downloading an app that helps you stay within the speed limit, no matter where you are. 

Routine Checks 

You know what you do before taking off in your car. You open the door, start the engine, and maybe turn on the music. That's as far as you go, but the truth is that there's much more you could do before taking off for the day if you want to be a safer driver. You'll want to do a couple of routine checks before you start driving to make sure you'll be safe. You want to check all your fluids to make sure everything is okay. You also want to see if all of your lights are working. Be sure to pay attention to your tires; you don't want your tires to feel overinflated or underinflated. These issues compromise your tires and safety. 

Good Driving Position 

Another simple thing you could do to be a safer driver is to drive with your hands in the proper position. Many people ignore the way they operate their automobiles. Sometimes, they hold the wheel with one hand or barely hold the wheel at all. The way you hold the wheel matters. It makes it easier to control your vehicle, even during crazy moments where you might be losing control of your car. Holding your wheel the right way makes it easier for you to maneuver if you need to do so. A good grip also makes it less tiring to drive. The nine and three hand positions or the eight and four-position are ergonomic options and relatively safe. 

Be Rested 

The last thing you want to do is make sure you only drive when you're rested. If you haven't slept well for some reason, you might get sleepy while you're driving. This activity requires you to be fully awake, yet sometimes, driving can make you feel a little sleepy. It's a tedious activity. Plus, the gentle rumble you think when you drive can lull a person to sleep, especially if that person is tired already. If you're feeling a little sleepy, make sure you tell someone so that they drive instead of you. If no one is with you, then go ahead and pull out of traffic and take a nap. It may seem strange, but it's better to be safe than be sorry. 

Now, you have a few steps you can take to be a better and safer driver. You could also take a defensive driving class to see if you can improve your safe-driving skills.