Expert Tips To Prove Your Innocence In A Car Accident Case

Car accidents are a significant problem worldwide and a leading cause of severe personal injury and wrongful death cases. With drunk driving, speeding, and general disregard for the road laws often leading to car accidents, proving your innocence in a road collision can sometimes be challenging. What's more, road collisions caused by fatigued truck drivers are also quite common, and the impacts can be fatal. We have crafted this list of expert tips to help you prove your innocence if you are the victim of a vehicle collision. 

Find A Specialised Lawyer

Suppose you were involved in a collision involving a truck. You will need expert legal representation following truck accident incidents. The same applies if you are the driver of the truck and the accident was caused by another road user. On the other hand, you should opt for a car accident attorney if both vehicles involved were regular cars. With that said, if you are a motorcyclist, you should consult an expert motorcycle accident attorney to handle your case. It is essential to find a lawyer specializing as they will best know the road laws regarding your vehicle and the other vehicle type involved in the collision. 

Provide Dashboard Cam Recordings

Dashboard cameras can be used in all vehicles. However, if you drive a motorcycle, you will need a built-in helmet cam. Providing your lawyer with the recorded footage of the incident is one of the best ways to prove your innocence. The recorded footage will serve as a first-hand perspective of the accident, proving which driver is responsible for the collision. If you don't yet have a dashboard camera, you really should consider investing in one to protect your best interests in the future as a road user. You may also be able to obtain traffic video footage to prove your innocence if you do not have a dashboard cam. 

Contact The Authorities Immediately

Neglecting to contact the authorities at the scene of an accident may seem like the action of the guilty party. Therefore, before reacting to the other driver, your first step should be contacting the authorities such as the local police, emergency services, and your lawyer. 

Photograph The Scene And Don't Move Your Vehicle

Once you have contacted the authorities, you should immediately start photographing the accident scene to provide evidence for your case. Be sure to set your smartphone to date camera images. Taking as many photos of the scene is crucial to providing accurate proof that you are innocent. If the accident is severe, you should not move your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is considered tampering with evidence. Instead, you should wait for authorities to arrive on the scene and inform you that you can safely move your vehicle. Suppose there are any seriously injured individuals in the accident. You should avoid trying to move them out of the car and instead contact paramedics and follow any instructions given while awaiting their arrival. 

Proving your innocence in a vehicle collision can be challenging. However, if you have all the correct and accurate evidence, you will be able to claim compensation from an insurer or the guilty party.