How Instagram tracks your location?

Most people don’t want to show their location on social networking platforms. But many mobile apps track your location, collecting data about where you upload your photos. And Instagram is no exception. While the photo-sharing app allows you to post images without tagging your location, its geotagging feature can still collect your location data.

Pros and cons of showing your location on social media

Showing your location on social media platforms like Instagram comes with both pros and cons. Many people who share their location do so to get a personalized experience on social networks. For example, most people prefer apps to automatically complete their location information when it comes to seeing targeted ads from their favorite brands or a local business.

Many social media users also compromise their privacy for comfort. For this reason, it has been found that the majority of social media users turn on social media location tracking without worrying about their data being misused. Moreover, location tracking makes it easy for them to quickly fill information on a smartphone or tablet, which means time-saving is another benefit of location services.

On the other hand, only seven percent of users feel inconvenient when tracking apps auto-fill their location information or when they get target ads. These users are concerned about their privacy, which is why they prefer to turn off location. But some apps even compel this group of individuals to turn on location settings to use their services. For example, you cannot fully use Google Maps and Uber without turning on the tracking features because these are location-based services.

Social network apps are not so location-dependent but still offer users to share their location with their friends and followers if they want to. Remember that these services come with privacy issues. You must be careful when sharing your location while making social media posts.

Account safety and Instagram growth services

Instagram growth services are businesses that help you get more followers on the social network. There are many types of such services out there, which raises account safety concerns. Most service providers use illegitimate methods like bots to increase your follower count on the platform. In other words, they sell you fake followers and violate Instagram’s terms of service. As such, your account’s security can be compromised. Instagram can suspend or delete your account for using illegal methods to manipulate the social media app.

There are also some safe Instagram growth services like SimplyGram that use organic methods to grow your account gradually. These services don’t use bots. Instead, they use legitimate strategies like the Mother/Child method to increase your Instagram followers safely. You can rest assured that you’ll get real followers on your profile with these services.

Does Instagram growth services use your location data?

Whether an Instagram growth service will use your location data depends on the type of service you choose. Also, some services may ask for your location data if you have a local business and want more local followers. But if your service provider asks you for your Instagram password, consider it a red flag because they’re likely to use your location information. Also, services that use bots to increase your followers may use the data about your location.

The only growth service that would not use your location without you knowing that is one that doesn’t ask for your password and doesn’t use bots. These organic Instagram growth services are entirely safe for use.


Many Instagram users who choose growth services wonder if these services will use their social media location tracking data. The good news is that organic Instagram marketing services like SimplyGram don’t use your geo-tagging data because, to them, your privacy and account safety is more important than anything else.