What Do Iteris Traffic Light Cameras Do?

Iteris collects data using roadway sensors. Sensors can communicate across heterogeneous networks including cell, Bluetooth, fiber, wi-fi, and 5G. Mobile ALPR is used among US law enforcement agencies at the city, county, state, and federal levels to get license plate owner information.

Data is fed into software applications that span network monitoring, traveler information, asset management, analytics, and freight management to provide the most comprehensive dashboard of mobility intelligence for traffic management.

Iteris offers the widest suite of reliable and cost-effective video detection, radar detection, and hybrid detection solutions worldwide for intersections large and small.

Iteris video detection, radar detection, and hybrid detection solutions for traffic signals are fully compatible and field-proven with all controller types and all adaptive traffic control methodologies. The Iteris Vantage brand is the market benchmark, with superior lifecycle costing as compared with any other in-ground or non-intrusive sensor.

There is an increasing need for more robust data at signalized intersections, including vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian information. Agencies are wanting a more complete view of intersection usage and ensuring that safety is a key component of all future roadway improvements.

Iteris provides algorithm expertise that utilizes existing detection sensors to provide enhanced data output of bicycles and pedestrians.

Agencies are continually looking for cost-effective tools to measure speeds and travel times along their corridors to help with real-time performance measurement activities.

Iteris provides a robust system that utilizes anonymous device data to generate accurate data for real-time and post-analysis of speed, travel time, origin/destination, and intersection passage times.

Here is a map of ALPR cameras.