Expensive Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to car rentals or hire, you need to have good knowledge and information about car renting and hiring. Also, you need to know about the services offered by different car rental agencies as a tourist or traveler that just arrived in your city of choice, you would want to hire or rent a car of your choice depending on your status it could be a cheap rental or an economic model Sedan, a luxury brand, or even a bus for road trips etc.

Monthly Rent a Car Dubai offers you an array of vehicles to meet your taste or demand. Renting a car without prior knowledge of associated costs could make you spend much out of your budget. Here is a list of common mistakes we should avoid while hiring our preferred cars in order to save time and money.

1.   Avoid renting a car at the airport
One of the most expensive mistakes made by travelers or tourist going to a new location is waiting to arrive at the airport before they decide to rent or hire a car to the location they wish to go, car rental companies are heavily taxed in airports for occupying business spaces and as such with the higher rate of taxes being levied on them, they charge their customers at a high rate to cover for the expensive taxes they are paying. This is the reason why everything at the airport is more expensive than normal ranging from snacks to foods. The best choice one can make is to pre-order from a rental company before arriving at your destination, this will save costs and car rental companies in the town or city are cheaper than renting at the airport. Always remember this at your fingertips before making that decision to travel.

2.   Avoid Returning the Rented car late, Exceeding time of return
After you have rented a car, you need to be aware of the company’s rental policy concerning late car returns. Car rental companies are always very strict concerning the stated time of return as a car may be slated for another booking. Some of these additional charges may even be as expensive as renting the car a whole day. In order to avoid extra charges or expenses, ensure you return a rented car at the exact time of return or even before that time, and if you wish to use it beyond the stipulated time be aware of the car rental company's policy concerning late car returns.

3.   Know the type of Car Transmission
Generally, manual cars are cheaper than automatic cars. As simple and irrelevant as this may sound, you must know the type of transmission system the intended car you wish to hire is carrying. The last thing you will not want is to be stuck in a manual car when you don’t drive manual cars. Having a general knowledge of whether you want a manual or automatic car can save you a little cost and embarrassment. 

4.   Never rent a car without pre-check/inspection
Conducting a pre-inspection or pre-check on a car you are about to rent before driving out is very important. Note and report any damages, scratches, spills, breaks on the car both interior and exterior to the Rental Company. Never assume that the Rental Company is aware of such before you end up paying for damages you did not incur. Make known to the company after the general inspection any other extra thing you notice before driving away and if you notice that there is a mechanical fault or problem quickly stop and return the vehicle immediately to the car rental agency.

5.   Going Across Borders
Think about moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or Oman, If you’re using a rented car be very careful before you make a costly mistake carrying a rented car across country borders. Always make sure that your car insurance covers the city or country you wish to visit.
Also using a rented car across countries comes with heavy fees and additional charges. I would suggest that if you wish to move from one country to another, always make use of public transport to cross the country border after which you could rent a car and use it within the new country you just moved into. This could save you a little fortune and cut down on necessary expenses. 

6.   Not checking the Car Insurance could lead to buying Overpriced Insurance
Always check your Auto insurance policy and any extra credit card benefits before renting a car so that you would know if you are already covered by auto insurance. Offers are always made by car rental agencies to purchase extra insurance but you need to know what you are paying for so that you don't pay twice for additional car rental insurance.

7.   Expectant of Quick Services from Rental Agencies
Depending on whether you are in a major city or a small town, car renting procedures may differ ranging from signing the documents for a car inspection. In small towns, you may have to wait for an already rented car to be returned before usage, while in major cities big rental companies like Car Rental Dubai may offer you good alternatives even when your preferred car is not available. Whatever your decision is, always consider the time required for all these procedures and make your bookings ahead of time in order to avoid any unnecessary disappointment.

8.   Not making necessary Research
When it comes to car rental companies and agencies there is an abundance of them in different locations around the City. They also offer different types and brands of vehicles, different deals, and prices. Make a research to find out the best car rental company that suits your demand and is more pocket-friendly make sure you have an idea of the total cost required before you rent a car.