Waze Camera Location Data is Not Accurate

How does Waze verify red light camera locations?

Here is a screenshot of Waze published red light cameras in New York.  This is not consistent with our data that is verified using news reports and Google Street view.  
We frequently get emails from our users who think Waze's red-light camera information is not accurate. This doesn't surprise me as I have seen this several times myself in the Los Angeles area.  

How do they verify data?  Curating data using the crowd only works if you have experts in each market who know what they are looking for.  

I have seen several "false positives" as well on the freeway.  Users seem to input that traffic is jammed or there is a parked car on the side of the road which is not correct.  

I would like to see Waze partner with companies like ours to verify data that is relatively static-like red light cameras.  

I would also like Waze to warn drivers of potentially hazardous intersections and warn people about the intersection that are dangerous.  They have an alert feature to do this and would like to see more warnings.