The Eight Home Garage Essentials

One of the most common causes of traffic accidents is lackluster car maintenance, which means that many of the injuries and fatalities suffered on the roads could probably have been avoided if a little more care was taken when carrying out repair work.

Unfortunately, getting every niggle checked out as soon as it arises is almost impossible, for financial reasons if nothing else. This is where DIY car maintenance comes in so handy. A great way to keep your motor in tip-top condition without unnecessarily lining the pockets of your local mechanic, most people are perfectly capable of giving it a go.

But first, here are the eight essentials tools that you’ll need to hand if you stand any hope of success… 

#1: A Trolley Jack

Once you get to grips with car mechanics, you’ll find that more of your time will be spent under your motor than anywhere else, so a trolley jack is an absolute necessity. Enabling you to raise your vehicle to the right height quickly and easily, they really are essential.  

#2: Good Quality Power Tools

Want to save time and make maintaining your car much easier? Then a cordless drill and impact wrench is vital. If ever you have a tricky nut to remove or brushing and buffing to do, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you have them to hand. 

#3: A Torque Wrench

Perfect for helping you to replace wheels and tighten any nuts and bolts with precision, a torque wrench should be added to your kit too.

#4: Spanners 

For anything more complex than topping up fluids, you must also include a set of spanners amongst your essentials. Arguably amongst the most important tools to own, we recommend color-coded ones to make organizing and selecting them easier.

#5: Screwdrivers 

A handful of flat and crosshead screwdrivers you use around your home won’t be enough for maintenance work, so invest in a set that covers a range of tips and shaft lengths to make working on your car a whole lot simpler.

#6: A Work Light

You cannot properly perform car maintenance without good lighting to illuminate what you’re doing, which is why a work light is another essential. Thanks to improvements in lithium-ion batteries and LED technology, we recommend cordless if you’re looking for a truly versatile piece of equipment. 

#7: Pliers

Sockets and spanners are perfect for turning nuts and bolts, but you’ll also need a pair of pliers to get into the spaces that other tools simply can’t, so make sure that a good quality pair is present in your garage.

#8: An Air Compressor     

Last but not least, be sure to invest in an air compressor. Available from companies like SGS, they’re perfect for everything from applying paint to powering your tools, making them another garage essential.

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