How Use Google Map Layers Instead of Waze

How many times have you used Waze and a false camera has been reported?  If you are like me there are a lot of false positives in the map database.  Most drivers do not understand the difference between traffic/license plate camera readers and red light camera/speed cameras.  We know this because of the thousands of clarification questions we get each year from readers.

Most people don't want to download and use multiple navigation apps.  So, Google My Maps is currently the best way to keep track of the places that matter to you. This free service allows you to easily make custom maps to remember locations such as red-light cameras and speed cameras.   Download the Google My Maps here and use it along with Google Maps.  This is a great way to integrate your personal map data onto your Google Maps.

We hope that Google Maps will eventually make this as easy to use as the traffic layer option.  We would like to use a Google Maps layer of camera data similar to traffic,  This way users could add voice/visual notifications of when approaching a dangerous intersection, speed cameras, and red light camera locations.