Should Red Light Camera Violation Fines Be Lowered in California? (Poll)

The current fine in California for red light camera violation fine is $446 and a point on your driving record.  After other fees the total amount is about $500.  However, the most expensive fine for a red light camera in other States are $200.  The average fine for red light cameras in the US is about $150 in most States.   Should the State law be in California be lowered to make the fine $200?  What is your opinion.

<a href="" title="What Should The Red Light Camera Fine Be In California?">What Should The Red Light Camera Fine Be In California?</a>

Tickets in California are challenged on a daily basis due to privacy laws.  Tickets are typically challenged by a legal process called "Trial by Declaration".  Would changing the fine in California make the fine collection and legal process easier?  Your comments would be appreciated below. 

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