If Cameras Are Shut Down, Do You Still Have to Pay for Tickets?

Do Cameras Shutting Down Have Any Effect on Your Current Red Light Photo Ticket?

It is rumored that the red light camera system for the city of San Bernardino (not the County of San Bernardino, just the City) is supposed to be shut down starting in June of this year. What you shouldn’t do is assume that any current red light ticket you have from the City of San Bernardino will just automatically “go away” once the red light camera system ends.

Even though there won’t be any more red light tickets issued in San Bernardino after June, be sure to take care of any outstanding tickets, because any tickets where the date of the violation is before June 1, should still be valid. For example, the date of the violation may be May 31, even if you don’t get the courtesy notice till July, it’s still a valid ticket because the violation occurred before the city’s red-light program ended. Remember that the program is only supposed to turn off cameras in the City of San Bernardino, so still be wary of the camera-enforced intersections through San Bernardino County where the cameras are still turned on.

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