Improper Right or Left Turn Tickets

Improper Right or Left Turn on Green Light Can Result in Camera Ticket

Although there has been talking in California about allowing traffic camera enforcement to be used for speeding, it is not yet allowed. What is allowed is red light camera enforcement of course, but also the automated enforcement of certain turns made at an intersection.

The California Vehicle Code section (40518) authorizing the use of a mailed notice to appear does include violations of 22101 recorded by an automated enforcement system and California Vehicle Code section 22101 does cover violations such as right or left-hand turns that are prohibited by signs, disobeying traffic control devices, and other turning movements regulated by signs or marked traffic lanes.

That’s right, you enter the intersection legally on a green light, but you might be making an illegal or improper turn. For that, you could still get a surprise ticket mailed to you with a picture of you making that turn and for that, you may get a hefty fine.

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