Seat Belt Tickets from Cameras

Automated Photo Enforcement of Seat Belt Law

Unlike Arizona, California drivers cannot be ticketed for not wearing a seat belt if their vehicle is photographed going through a red light. In Arizona for example, if a driver is cited for the primary violation of running a red light or speeding, they can also be cited for a secondary violation like a seat belt ticket or a ticket for expired registration.

Californians are still only ticketed the old-fashioned way, by an officer, for a seat belt or expired registration ticket. It's a good thing too because a red light camera ticket yields upwards of $500.00 plus a point or more on your driving record. To be ticketed for a seat belt ticket in addition to the red light ticket would yield another $100 plus, as well as a point on your driving record. Drivers should always practice safe driving habits which would include wearing a seat belt, but for now, California drivers can rest easy as they will not be ticketed for a seat belt ticket by a camera.