Full Disclosure Improves Public Opinion

Public sentiment for red light camera and speed camera use is overwhelmingly negative in the US.  Why? Because it lacks transparency about where the locations are and where the money goes. If the goal of using red light and speed cameras is to save lives and ensure compliance with safety measures.  Doesn't it seem logical that drivers and citizens should have access to this public information?   Drivers could be alerted to accident photo enforced locations and potentially hazardous areas.  Disclosure of locations is not about evading the law its about avoiding other idiot drivers.  As a taxpayer I would also like to know where the tax on bad drivers is going.  How about slush fund for schools who desperately need the revenue?

Car navigation systems have not integrated our data points into GPS vehicles thus far for two main reasons: locations change frequently and in some Countries such as Germany and Switzerland, it is illegal to have these locations in navigation systems.  We recommend that its time for law enforcement and city officials to be more transparent about their speed and red-light enforcement activities with the objective of building citizen support for the use of cameras for the enhanced safety of all.