Columbus Red Light Video Cameras

20 new red-light cameras will continuously be recording video. The Ohio city already has 18 red ligth cameras installed throughout the city. They will take pictures of red-light runners and will have a video to support the case. RedFlex is the company behind the camera operations and will be deploying the cameras throughout the city.  This should benefit other drivers around the city as well.  These photo enforced intersections commonly have fender bender accidents and the video monitoring the intersections can now be used as accident evidence.  This city claims the video will be used to monitor crime in the area but we don't this will have much impact. commonly receives questions such as how to do we view accident videos from cameras?  Having video available will be great for the citizens of Columbus but companies like RedFlex will have to make it easy and transparent for drivers to access and use the video without a lot of bureaucracy and government paperwork.