Albuquerque Red Light Cameras Cost Taxpayers $30,000 Per Month

Albuquerque, New Mexico wants to keep the cameras operating but needs a new company to run the cameras.  The cameras will go dark at midnight temporarily and will not site motorists for speed violations during this period.  The city is looking for a new red light camera operator as it recently let the contract with Redflex expire. The cameras were operating on a $30,000 per month deficit. It's not surprising the camera contracts needed to be restructured.  Here is a photo above protesting the use of Redflex as a management company and encouraging the hiring of more policemen.  Seems like a worthy proposal in our recession. The city also said it wants to now operate the cameras with full public disclosure.  Why start now?

Also, here is a study that shows how the Albuquerque cameras actually Increased Accidents

See this new video below covering the story from KRQE News 13 and some words from the Mayor.