Why Google Buzz Should Buy Aha Mobile

Aha mobileI have recently started using Google Buzz for Mobile on my Android phone and have become a big fan of its potential.  I  think it's quite unique and more useful if you are only interested in regional data. However, there currently isn't an on Google Buzz to hear updates from other drivers or alerts around me without picking up the phone and looking at it.  See the picture above which is a sample Google Buzz layer on Google Maps screenshot.  I think buying Aha Mobile and integrating the technology into their system would further advance the technology and make it safer for drivers.

Palo Alto-based Aha Mobile has created Aha Radio, a free mobile application that transfers a broad range of web-based information into a customizable radio experience. Aha has created a unique backend platform that safely filters, prioritizes, and delivers Web-based information to drivers. Everything from instant personalized traffic reports to an audio translation of your Facebook wall and from up-to-the-minute episodes of your favorite podcasts to personalized restaurant finders. They have also created the first driver-to-driver network similar to the old CB Radio. This allows users to listen to everything from real-time traffic reports to Twitter and Facebook updates as well as red light camera location alerts, without the added stress of fumbling with a device while driving.  Aha Mobile is also a licensee of PhotoEnforced.com's database of locations and will soon be using the data to give drivers verbal alerts of cameras locations near them.  I think this definitely solves the distracted driver problems.  Check out the demonstration video above.