Virginia Beach Photo Safe Locations Certified

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Certification of PhotoSafe Locations in Virginia Beach

I appreciate the information that is available on because it helps us with our public awareness program. The cameras in Virginia Beach were activated in the first two intersections on March 13, 2009. We monitor 20 approaches at 13 intersection locations and, as of this date, we are currently the only jurisdiction with an active automated red-light enforcement program in the State of Virginia. A list of our enforced intersection is available online at A list of VDOT approved jurisdictions and intersections can be found at

Automated enforcement in Virginia is a civil penalty. The automated enforcement fine is $50 and there are no court costs, no negative DMV points, no insurance notifications, and no late fees associated with a violation. There are major differences in the penalty associated with automated enforcement and officer enforcement. An officer issued a summons for disregarding a red light is up to a $350 fine; the prepayable offense is $100. Court costs do apply to an officer issued a summons. There are -4 points associated with the signal violation and it stays on the driver’s DMV record for 3 years.

There is a lot of disparity with the use of photo enforcement throughout the United States. The State of Virginia has approached the implementation of photo enforcement from three areas: Engineering, Education, and Enforcement. VDOT must approve each intersection for the use of enforcement cameras in the State of Virginia. In other words, if the engineering is not correct, the use of camera enforcement at the intersection will not be approved in Virginia. This process includes the standardization of yellow and all-red signal timing.

The primary focuses in our PHOTOSafe program is education and awareness. We have given over 200 presentations to members of our community and established a web site that includes an interactive online presentation that explains the program, enforcement camera locations, and signal timing and coordination information. Virginia requires that photo enforcement warning signs be installed within 500 feet of the enforced intersection. Please visit our website and give us some feedback on it. The address is

We view enforcement as the last part of our intersection safety equation. The State of Virginia has a .5 second amnesty period that prevents the cameras from activating for enforcement until the light has been red for ½ second. Our police department recognizes the need to use a combination of police officers and cameras to reduce red-light running at the high crash locations.

Thanks in advance for updating our photo enforcement information. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the use of photo enforcement in the State of Virginia.

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