Cedar Rapids Mobile Speed Cameras

Aggressive Mobile Speed Cameras Now Running In CR

Speeding 1 MPH over the posted speed limit will cost your $25 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa according to CBS KGAN (Video).  This policy sounds extremely aggressive and difficult to manage considering that if you are traveling 26 MPH in a 25 MPH school zone you will receive a ticket in the mail for $25.  Also, it was reported that speeding in a construction zone the fines are doubled.

Red light cameras are in place around Cedar Rapids and catching people red-handed, but the eyes of Cedar Rapids Police aren't fixed in one place for speeders. Now police are tracking your speed all over the place. Police say schools and construction zones will be strictly enforced. The process for issuing citations will be similar to the red light camera. Police will place the mobile speed vehicle at various places throughout the city to catch speeders.  Police say the camera will be out for a few hours a day or maybe at night?  If you're caught speeding this way, it won't go on your driving record because it's considered a civil matter.

I happened to grow up in Cedar Rapids about 20 years ago and disappointed to see that city officials have to stoop this low to generate revenue for a city that is still suffered from the floods a few years ago.  This is not likely the end of the story so follow us and we will keep you posted.