Google Maps Navigation on Android

One of the most common requests I get every day is how do I get your red light camera database onto my phone for navigation?  Google users are smart, sophisticated, and ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting new features and is demanding a red light camera/speed camera warning feature layer.  Here is a picture of how Photo Enforced Google Maps could be used on the Android phone for navigation:

Based on our test today it is fairly obvious that Google Maps still cannot handle thousands of data points very well and the tiles still need to be clustered or optimized on the server.  This is why it is important for our data to be accessed as a layer published by Google and won't be successfully published by individual users at this time.  Here were the steps we took to upload Photo Enforced data to Google Maps unsuccessfully.

1st)  We tried to create a Google Map on Google by uploading our database / KML file of our 5,000+ US fixed red light camera and speed camera locations.  We followed directions by adding map data from our KML file to the map.  This data seemed to get ingested fine but didn't give us any confirmation on the number of successful points and was limited to how to display it.

2nd) I downloaded the My Maps Editor in the Android Market for my Android and it seems to find the file I uploaded to Google Maps successfully.  However, when I tried to load it onto the map it kept loading for about 30 minutes and I was never able to use it.

3rd) I then tried to access the uploaded data on my Android phone from the Google Maps navigation on My Maps and that was unsuccessful as well.  The current navigation features on my Android phone include Traffic, Satellite, Latitude & Wikipedia.  It also has a button below these layers for Clear Map and More Layers.   When you click on More Layers it gives you options My Maps, Wikipedia (again), and Transit Lines.  I would love to see Traffic Cameras, Red Light Cameras, and eventually, the Speed Cameras layer.

If anyone can help correct the problem we would appreciate your assistance.