License Plate Hunter Cameras

Automatic License Plate Recognition

ELSAG North America is aiding US law enforcement with public safety solutions based on highly intelligent, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology. Applications include highway and traffic safety, criminal intelligence gathering, homeland security, auto-recovery, AMBER Alerts, and school bus safety, and many more.

A network of fixed ALPR systems, which can be mounted to structures such as bridges and overpasses, as well as mobile ALPR systems, which are mounted to police vehicles that can capture up to 3,000 license plates per hour, help keep a tight watch on cities, ports, borders and other sensitive areas. The MPH-900® ALPR technology is being used by hundreds of agencies all across the United States to assist with interdiction, and capturing criminal intelligence data. The technology arms law enforcement with real-time knowledge and post-action criminal intelligence increasing the day-to-day productivity and safety of officers all over North America. The power of the MPH-900 LPR system ensures safer streets, a safer nation, and safer officers. More than four hundred agencies across thirty US states are applying the automatic License Plate Reader to a variety of missions including:
  • Removing suspended and revoked drivers off the road before they cause an accident
  • Recovery of stolen vehicles and rental cars
  • Assistance with AMBER Alerts and missions related to missing and exploited children
  • Safe school initiatives such as perimeter security and school bus safety
  • Development and maintenance of Sexual Predators Hot Lists
  • Drug interdiction
  • Highway Safety
  • Homeland Security initiatives
  • Gang and racketeering interdiction
  • Collection of unpaid taxes and fees for more info.