How To Stop Procrastinating While You Research For Essay

Nothing is more irritating than when you have the time to thoroughly research your upcoming assignment, but you cannot steady your mind. It keeps wandering through the games you are yet to play, the television series you can binge, and the books you need to read right now!

Procrastination is infuriating, and we often try and cannot control it. We either need an authoritative figure always watching us, or we simply give in to temptations.

If you are scrolling through this article, you must be in desperate need to ‘stop scrolling’ and start your research work immediately. The good news is acknowledgment is always the first step to cure. The task here is to understand simple ways to stop yourself from procrastinating and make this the last blog you scroll through.

In this excerpt below, we will elaborate upon five simple methods which should help you get some control over your distraction and get back to your work.

How To Stop Procrastinating While Research

Before we get into the tips for helping with your procrastination, let us first understand what procrastination means. Procrastination is delaying an important task (in this case, researching for your essay). It is absolutely unnecessary since, while procrastinating, you almost never do anything important. However, sometimes it can be involuntary for a variety of reasons.

Psychologists, upon breaking down the reasons for procrastination, have given these few as their top picks:

  Fatigue or tiredness can lead to procrastination since one doesn’t have the mental bandwidth to concentrate on the task requiring more brainwork.

  Difficulty in the task can lead to procrastination. It is the mind's defense mechanism to protect from stress.

  The monotony of the task can make one procrastinate. If you are doing the same type of work for too long, it can lead to avoidance.

 Some serious reasons for procrastination are ADHD. Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder. This is when individuals have difficulty focusing on one task for too long.

Now, here is how you can stop procrastination.

1. Acknowledge Your Procrastination & Not Just Research

You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. Therefore, if you do not openly accept the fact that you are unnecessarily delaying your work, then reading this is of no use. Once you do so, it is time to introspect upon your triggers.

We have given four reasons why someone could be procrastinating. Yours has to be one of them. If you are running on low energy and do not have the mental bandwidth, then take a rest rather than scrolling through your phone and wasting your time.

If there are too many essays and the thought of finishing them is scaring you, then take help for some of them. You can click here to find notable experts in the field of academic writing who can help you.

If it is the difficulty of the task, then divide it into manageable amounts and focus on the parts. These examples prove that there is a set way you can come to a solution for your procrastination once you start understanding the reason.

2. Form Groups For Research

Some people love doing their job in absolute solidarity; others find themselves more distracted when working alone. If you believe doing your work in social groups will provide a sense of false autonomy where you will be conscious of taking too many breaks, then do so.

You can form homework groups to carry on with your research work. There could be time-bound discussions once in a while to cut through the monotony.

Sometimes just going to a public place and working alone also helps. Ironically the distant chitter chatter in a cafe has helped many suffering from ADHD to work better than in absolute silence.

There are online group studying sessions that you can also join if you are an extrovert and wouldn’t mind studying among strangers.

3. Eliminate All The Distractions

The first thing to do before you sit with your work is eliminate all forms of distraction. Starting from decluttering your desk of anything which can distract you mid-work. For example, a book, your phone, or any other electronics other than the one you are researching in.

The next thing you need to do is set up a different study station. You cannot sit in front of a bed or in front of a television. If you have a kitchen table or island, take full advantage of that area. Try to find a place with a view of nature as it always calms your nerves and helps you concentrate better.

Get good snacks as they are a no-brainer distraction, essentially preventing you from other temptations. Plus, try to find your own individual distractions in order to keep them away during work.

4. Take Necessary Breaks

Working for too long can exhaust you, and this is when you start giving in to your distractions. Rather than aimlessly scrolling through your phone, why not take a timely break? Once you start feeling that exhaustion, put a timer on your phone (however, the amount is well suited for your recharge). Once that timer goes off, it is time to get back to work without any excuse.

Try doing something other than scrolling through your phone during this break. For example, go for a walk in nature, read a few pages of a book, or simply close your eyes and take a power nap. Try not to use your electronics during this time.

5. Set Small Goals

If you are setting smaller goals, you have more chances to finish your work. For example, a 5000-word essay within two weeks might sound huge. However, once you break it down to 500 words for each day, it will be much easier to tackle the work.

If you look at your goals and keep thinking they are unattainable, you can never start working on them. When it comes to essay research work, start by simply forming the skeleton with the major headings. You can figure out the sub-parts later.

When To Seek Help!

When you find yourself unable to concentrate at an extreme level, for example, too much silence is making your nerves jittery, and you have to read the same line thrice to make any sense of it, then you probably have some mental ailment.

Do seek help before it's too late.


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