France & Australia's Speed Cameras Under Attack

tipped speed camera
Angry drivers in France took out a half-dozen speed cameras last week while motorists hurl objects at Australian photo radar vans.

Vigilantes across France took out a half-dozen speed cameras last week while motorists hurl objects at Australian photo radar vans.

Members of the public are increasingly harassing the drivers of speed camera vans in Victoria, Australia, according to union officials. Last Tuesday, pieces of wood were hurled at a photo radar vehicle in Tullamarine.

"Almost every shift now for our operators across the state they're getting assaulted or attacked, their vehicles vandalized," Community and Public Sector Union spokesman Julian Kennelly told 3AW radio.

On Friday, vigilantes in Arelaune-en-Seine, France, torched the speed camera near the Pont de Brotonne. Another camera in the same area had been engulfed in flames, with firefighters responding to the scene, on Monday, May 9. Last Tuesday, vigilantes tipped over the speed camera on the RD979 between Pussemange and Gespunsart and shoved the device into a ditch. Officials had just cleaned the frequently-attacked speed camera on the RD781 between Hennebont and Kervignac when the device was once again disabled with a coat of black spray paint. On the day before that, the speed camera on the RD621 in Courchelettes was blinded with white spraypaint.

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