Colorado Springs Gets 2 More Red Light Cameras

Colorado Springs red light camera

Two more red light cameras are going in at Colorado Springs intersections this week.   Here is a map of Colorado Springs red light camera locations

Red light cameras capture drivers running red lights through intersections 24-hours a day. The goal of the program is to protect drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians from injuries or crashes caused by red-light running.

Two new cameras went live at Woodmen Road and Black Forest Road and at Barnes Road and Tutt Boulevard this week.

“We have seen a higher number of crashes, specifically side-impact crashes, injury crashes and even in some cases fatal crashes,” said Lt. Steve Noblitt of CSPD. “We look for intersections that have high volume, intersections that have higher number of crashes ... then we give more weight to an intersection that has a higher number of injury crashes.”

Beginning Monday, motorists captured by the cameras running a red light at the new intersections will be issued a written warning by mail for the next 30 days during a probationary phase.

Following that warning period, drivers who enter the intersections after the light has turned red will receive a $75 citation (no points will be assessed). CSPD said if someone is pulled over by an officer for running a red light, typically it is about a $165 fine and a few points assessed to your license.

“There’s kind of a halo effect if you will that occurs that when someone drives through an intersection that is controlled by either officers being there watching for red light violations, or a photo enforcement program, that people tend to change their driving behavior for miles after that. So, the next several intersections that you drive through, they will be in their mind that we need to be a little more careful at these intersections,” said Noblitt.

The first cameras were put into place three years ago in April 2019. CSPD plans to add more throughout the city this year.