How Traffic Cameras Can Help Drivers Navigate Around Busy Roads

ALPR traffic cameras

Around the world, there are about 200 million traffic cameras. These cameras are in there for a reason: they reveal where road crashes and congestion hotspots occur, and they can help drivers pick safer, less congested routes.

So, what is a traffic camera?

Red light and speed cameras are not the same as traffic cameras. They do not detect speed or issue tickets, but they do measure traffic movement. They're usually small and circular, and they're set up to record video footage of on-the-road traffic.

Traffic cameras are prevalent on UK highways, and the data they collect can be viewed online by the general public. The cameras can be viewed on a computer screen and are not regulated by the authorities.

Some individuals believe that traffic cameras invade driver privacy, however, it's crucial to remember that the cameras catch moving traffic, so the film is often sparse: no vehicle or person can be identified in the videos that are broadcast publicly.

What can we learn from traffic cameras?

We've witnessed fewer vehicles on the road and a minor drop in the rate of road crashes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naturally, once the pandemic is over, we want to keep the number of crashes as low as feasible. We can all help to make our roadways safer by only making necessary trips and avoiding driving on already busy highways.

If you're planning a vacation, traffic cameras can help you map out your route, assess road conditions, and schedule rest stops. This may make you feel more comfortable when driving, which may minimize the odds of a collision because anxious drivers have slower reaction times and focus.

Journeys that are both safer and faster

There are about 3,000 traffic cameras from across the UK, searchable by route and county, at Traffic Cameras. Our goal is to help drivers relax by reducing the amount of time they spend stuck in traffic. Our open-to-the-public webcams allow drivers to monitor traffic flow in real time and choose and prepare the safest path for their journey.