Are Speed Cameras Effective in Reducing Traffic Violations?

These days, there are a lot of speed cameras on the roads. They help monitor the acceleration of many cars simultaneously. If motorists violate speed limits or other traffic rules, they automatically get fined at the same moment. The process is completely automated so that drivers get tickets issued by machines. It is an effective system that helps police collect a lot of money, using fewer resources. Therefore, a lot of people consider traffic cameras as earning machines that find drivers but bring no feasible result. Let's explore the problem in more detail and discover if speed cameras help reduce violations.


The best way to find out if speed cameras are helpful is to check out the statistics. 99% of all car accidents are documented. The statistics on traffic offenses are also open information that people upon demand can access. According to recent stats, the number of car crashes has decreased by 10%, on average, in the last 20 years. However, it's hard to evaluate the impact of speed cameras on these statistics because there are a lot of dissimilar factors.

For starters, technical progress has improved safety on roads in the last 20 years. These days, cars are more reliable and can stop faster. New vehicles are infused with many sensors that help avoid car crashes. Besides, many new roads have been built within the last few years. Most of them were constructed with close attention to safety in mind. Therefore, the number of car casualties has reduced.

There are also a lot of detailed statistics that pours the light on the usefulness of traffic cameras. According to the recently collected data, the number of car wrecks and traffic rules violations decreases significantly in 1/3 of miles before cameras. For example, the number of collisions has reduced by 28%, on average, in zones before speed cameras. Meanwhile, the average speed of cars in the post-camera zone increases by 20-50%, depending on the season. These stats showcase the fact that the majority of drives violate speed limits consciously. 

Usually, they do it to reach their final destination faster due to a lack of time. For example, students who don't know about Free Essays Examples that can be downloaded for free may drive faster to complete their assignments upon the deadline. Yet, the reduced number of car crashes in the pre-camera zones is a great improvement that helped save many people's lives. Let's explore why street cameras help reduce the number of collisions.

Increased Cautious

Speed cameras are not installed secretly. Vice versa, they can be easily noticed. Traffic cameras are huge and have a bright color coating. Besides, road signs inform drivers about speed cameras installed on roads. A lot of drivers use navigation apps to reach final destinations. Most applications inform users about speed limits and warn them about traffic cameras. Indeed, cameras would help governments earn more money if installed secretly. However, since they can be easily noticed, cameras aim to warn drivers. It is a strategy that makes individuals more cautious when they drive in the pre-camera zone. They know that it's impossible to hide from traffic cameras so that any traffic offense will be captured. It helps reduce the number of car crashes significantly in the zones that are monitored by cameras.

Inability To Avoid Punishment

Unlike students who can use term paper examples free when composing their assignments and not get punished, drivers cannot legally avoid receiving a ticket if a camera captures a traffic violation. Since it is impossible to bypass punishment if breaking the rules in the pre-camera zone, most drivers consider not breaking the rules. Drivers understand that a camera will 100% capture their traffic rule violation, so they will be required to pay. Most drivers consider slowing down and following the rules to keep their budgets safe. Consequently, it leads to fewer collisions, injuries, and deaths on the road.

Besides, there is an additional benefit brought by speed cameras. Since the majority of drivers slow down in the pre-camera zones, the overall traffic slows down as well. So those who don't want to follow the rules get forced to do so by other vehicles. It helps lessen the number of deadly accidents because the speed of cars is lower, and drivers can stop their cars effectively.

Final Words

Overall, speed cameras have a significant impact on road safety. Indeed, they help earn a lot of money by issuing tickets automatically. The noticeable design of cameras and road signs warn people about breaking speed limits, which forces drivers to be more cautious. It helps make roads safer by decreasing the number of car accidents by 28% in pre-camera zones. According to statistics, the zones in 1/3 miles before cameras are the safest on the road. Unfortunately, a lot of drives violate the speed limits when they are monitored.