What Technology Can We Expect in Our Future Cars?

Is technology the answer to everything? You would think so, given just how much we rely on it in our day-to-day lives. Thanks to the improvements that are constantly being made in technology, there are new prospects available in the realms of IT, safety, and for this article automobiles. We are already seeing tech have an impact on this industry thanks to the increase in the number of people driving electric cars, enhanced safety systems and better navigation. Of course, this begs the question, what will technology be like in our future cars? 

Can Technology Go Any Further Than It Already Has? 

With every new invention or development in technology that comes about, people start to ask whether it has taken us as far as it can. The fact is that were you to ask this question 20 years ago, someone would have likely had said technology had plateaued. The same goes today, many people out there will say there is nothing more it can do, but then innovative tech companies located in the likes of Silicon Valley and Orange County continue to prove that the possibilities remain very much endless.

The Tech in Future Vehicles 

So, what can we expect in our future cars? 

-     Self-driving Cars 

This has been a product on the tip of every technology and motor enthusiast's tongue for a number of years now, and with each passing moment, we get ever closer to having them as a reality. Of course, there have been some hurdles encountered in the pursuit of self-driving cars, given it requires a huge amount of confidence to be placed in what is essentially a piece of code. This means that the checks being done on self-driving cars are vigorous (rightly so), and as such, it may not be something we see on the roads for some time yet. 

-     Augmented Reality Cars 

Augmented reality is more commonly known as AR, and it essentially refers to the in-car displays of vehicles that can relay information to different dashboards. This is a great safety feature that cars would benefit from as it would come into practice if there was a vehicle approaching you that would result in a head-on collision. 

There would be a display in front of the driver that would show different symbols if all wasn’t well. It would then also display arrows so that the driver knows which way to turn in order to avoid any potential collision. 

-     Intercom Between Vehicles 

This means that in the future, there will be technology available that will allow cars to pass information to one another. They are going to be able to do this as a means to improve the overall safety of vehicles on the roads. This is because cars are going to become more aware as to when a vehicle is approaching it, what speed they are traveling, and of any other potential threats that might be heading in its direction.