Historical Locations Found Around the East Coast

Vacationing on the east coast is an awesome way to have fun, but it's also a fantastic way to learn more about the country and the people who live here.  Whether you're new to the east coast, or you've lived here your entire life, there's a lot of history you can take in that will leave you feeling small or like a part of the whole. 

These are the parts of the east coast that make this area such a historical wonder.

Colonial Williamsburg

If you've never been to a historical reenactment, this is a big way to start visiting them. 

Built in 1699 by settlers escaping drought and harsh winters, this is now a live museum that allows you to interact with history while reenactors educate you on everything thus area used to be.  Although this can be jarring for many people who aren't sure what to expect, Colonial Williamsburg is an awesome way to delve into history.

The Statue of Liberty

This statue is more American than apple pie and line dancing.  The figure of liberty is a massive gift from France that has since gathered a little desk.  It's an extremely popular visiting spot since it's something that hundreds of people pass every day as they try to immigrate to the United States. 

Although you can't ride up to the top of the statue, you can take in how massive it is from below.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are a great mixture of fantastic water and play with an amazing breathtaking landmark.  Despite the drive from any city, these falls are visited by millions of people every year and are a great place to get to know nature a little better. 

If you're visiting, make sure that you borrow or buy a poncho instead of purchasing one on location.  Ponchos within a few miles of the falls are marked up severely in price and can leave you a little put off by the entire experience.

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is older than the United States as a whole, and it gathers more and more interesting history as it continues to exist.  Although it's cracked and doesn't ring, that crack makes this four-by-twelve-foot bell even more popular.  

This is an awesome location to visit if you love history and are interested in understanding more and taking in the views and art of people who live in Philadelphia and what makes their city so amazing.  Who knows, you may fall so in love with the area that you start looking for Philadelphia houses for sale!

The MLK Memorial

The MLK Jr. Memorial is a step in the right direction but can be extremely sad to visit while you know he's passed on.  This exhibit has the late MLK emerging from a block of stone as if to say that he's as unfinished as this nation is.  It's a gorgeous piece of art with a ton of significance behind it, and anyone would be lucky to visit it if they had time. 

The east coast has the longest history in the USA: so don't be shy; take some time and learn more about it.