Best Time Management Apps for Less Distraction and Greater Productivity

time management apps

Technology is stringed to many benefits. It has given us the freedom to access anything from anywhere without restricting certain devices. Among the latest technologies, the internet is undoubtedly the best of all which allows you to perform tasks such as time management, work schedule, managing remote teams, and much more.

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Whether you are working remotely or in the office, time management would be a problem for you. Admit it or not, you can find any solution on your phone by installing an application. That’s right, if you are facing a problem while managing your time, several apps would help you manage your time effectively. Let’s have a look at some of the best time management apps you can install on your phone.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is the best app for everyone who wants to manage time effectively. If you have been wasting more time and being unproductive all day, RescueTime is one app to help you. The time management app offers insights into how you spend your time and day. According to the PC Mag, it is the best app they have tested.

RescueTime is available on iOS, Android, and Windows to help you understand time management, no matter what device you use. If you are addicted to screen all the time, RescueTime will help you get rid of it.


Toggl is another best time management app on our list trusted by more than 70,000 organizations worldwide. Whether you are working on a single project or multiple projects, you can plan, track, and deliver without being burnout.

If you are facing difficulty in finding where your time goes wasted or how many hours you are spending on your projects, Toggl will help you do so. You can also view detailed reports to get an idea about how many hours you spent on a project, and where do you need improvement.


Many times we forget to write or capture an idea that would do miracles in our life. But don’t miss any idea and capture it instantly with Evernote. Whether you are in a shopping mall, a café, or at home, don’t let your idea disappear and save it with Evernote.

The best app is known for many years and has plenty of features that allow you to stay organized. For instance, it helps you to write down notes, schedule time to accomplish more and make a to-do list for future reference. Evernote is available on all Android and iOS devices with the capability to synchronize.


While surfing the web, all of us come across useful content. We wish to save it for later as we are busy doing something else. To capture all these content pieces that we come across, Pocket allows you to create space and fill it with topics that interest you. Save the stories, articles, sports, and other online stuff with just the tap of a few buttons. Pocket allows you to feed your mind with useful content pieces so that you can update your knowledge and get through the article without missing the link.


Forest is one of the best time management apps that allow you to focus as much as you can. Without losing track of your work and without being distracted, Forest helps you to stay focused in a fun way.

The app functions in a simple way where you have to plant a virtual tree. As long as you remain focused, the tree will grow. However, if you lose focus, the tree will wither. The app allows you to seed multiple trees and create a virtual forest to stay focused on what you do. The app is available on Firefox, Android, and iOS.

Summing Up

We all have been occupied with so many distractions whether it be in the form of digital or real life. However, by utilizing technology and making use of the aforementioned apps, you will be able to focus more and distract less.