Real-Time Tracking with GPS Connectivity Solutions for Fleets

Real-Time Tracking with GPS Connectivity Solutions for Fleets

It is obvious that managing a whole fleet as an individual manager is hectic. Fortunately, with advancing technology, fleet companies have been able to manage every task at hand due to the availability of GPS connectivity for fleets.

All fleet operations that use GPS connectivity solutions can now obtain their vehicles’ locations, the amount of fuel used so far, as well as information about vehicle conditions anytime they need to. So, what exactly is GPS for fleets? How exactly does it work? If your fleet business requires it, how will the equipment be installed? What are the benefits of using GPS in a fleet? Let’s find out.

GPS Connectivity

GPS is an abbreviation for the global positioning system. This is a system that is linked to navigational satellites and also ground stations. It is used to locate a vehicle with an installed GPS device or anything else with a GPS receiver like a smartphone or even a smartwatch. GPS is an essential part of navigation in modern life.

How Does It Work?

The system works through a method known as trilateration. To navigate, a GPS-enabled device requires a minimum of four satellites and unobstructed sightlines. Then, the device makes all the other calculations concerning the location and the GPS receiver’s time.

Three satellites produce the location of the GPS receiver on the surface of the earth. The last one is commonly used to confirm information from the other three satellites. The fourth satellite is also responsible for calculating the altitude of a receiver, moving us into the third dimension.

How to Install GPS Connectivity

As a fleet manager, you need to understand how to install GPS connectivity in your fleet. This is simple. Mainly two methods are used.

·   Use a plug-and-play device – This method requires power. It can only be found in a fleet vehicle's OBD port. The process is easy. You just need to know where the OBD connector is. Then, you plug in the GPS device, register, and finally start tracking your vehicles.

·   GPS management software – This software helps fleet managers to monitor the real-time locations of the vehicles, their speeds, and many other functions. The good thing is that the software, which mostly comes as an app, can be installed on smartphones.

Eyeride LLC is a company that sells GPS connectivity solutions like internet-enabled GPS trackers and cameras that your business requires to manage the fleet. It is the best place to purchase this equipment.

Advantages of GPS

There are a lot of advantages that come with the real-time tracking of your fleet using GPS.

·   Cheap – This system is very affordable, unlike other navigation systems, which require a lot of money to buy and install.

·   Easy to use – GPS makes the fleet’s navigation easier as it will tell drivers all the directions and all the turns to take to reach the right destination.

·   Helps in fleet management – It is easy to manage your fleet using GPS no matter how many vehicles your fleet has. 


If you were wondering whether or not to start real-time tracking with GPS for your fleet, now is the time. Your business productivity will increase, and the whole management process will be easier.