The Best Digital Cameras to Try in 2021

digital cameras

The digital camera market is saturated with a ton of different varieties. Digital cameras are being used by almost everyone today, bringing in technology that allows the user, be it professional or an amateur, to click good pictures. 

But you can narrow it down to choose the best camera based on why you want to buy in the first place. Do you want to click professional pictures or use them to start learning the basics? What’s your budget? Do you wish to shoot cinematic videos or simply vlog?

Fujifilm X-T4


Resolution: 26.1 MP

Autofocus: 425-point AF

Video: 4K at 60p

Viewfinder: 3,690 dots

The Fujifilm X-T4 is arguably the best and most economical all-rounder on this list. If you want to click quality photos, vlog, or take cinematic videos, this is something you need to look out for. Fujifilm is known for its quality products and this is by far the best APS-C camera on the market right now, with improved auto-focus for beginners and moments when you need a tech to rely on.

For many content creators today, making quality videos is vital to get noticed. Moreover, if you’re a Twitch streamer or simply need a better quality webcam, you can use DSLR as a webcam as well. With light-weight options like these, you can get a DSLR and use it for any purpose you may have, from photos and videos to using it as a webcam.  

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III


Type: Mirrorless

Resolution: 20 MP

Touchscreen Monitor: Yes

Viewfinder: 2,360,000 dots

Video: 4K UHD at 30p

This is meant for those that want to get a mirrorless camera with a ton of benefits without spending a lot of money. While this may not be the best for a newbie, it’s certainly worth considering for growing professionals and enthusiasts. 

The image stabilization in this camera is perhaps one of its best features. So if you’re trying to take pictures at low shutter speeds, making low-light photography a lot easier. Don’t have a tripod? That’s all right; the camera will take care of your shaky hands to quite an extent. It’s also great for times when you’re out in rainy weather or simply near water, thanks to its weather-sealed body. Plus, with its ability to shoot video at UHD 30p, you can get high-quality footage and review it on its high definition monitor. 

Sony A6600


Type: Mirrorless

Resolution: 24.2 MP

Viewfinder: EVF

Movies: 4K at 30p 

Sony has been dominating the mirrorless camera industry lately, and this is perhaps the best of the best for its price. But beware, this is meant for experts. There’s a ton of features packed in this camera and if you’re a professional, you’ll surely be able to squeeze the most out of it. 

This camera is fast, extremely durable, has high autofocus speeds, and is useful in almost all situations, whether you’re capturing wildlife or taking nightscapes. The camera, thanks to its lack of mirrors, is quite light, weighing only 503g. Moreover, its ability to shoot 4K videos without any limit makes it a great option for filmmakers looking to capture a ton of footage. 

One drawback that we must highlight is the crammed monitor it uses. Unlike conventional DSLRs, this camera doesn’t have as many tactile buttons. So if you’re making a shift from a Canon, you might have some difficulty at the start. It’s really a small price to pay for such a great camera.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark VI


Type: Compact

Megapixels: 20.1 MP

Viewfinder: EVF, 2.36 million dots

Video: 4K

In the age of bulky DSLRs, Sony’s Cyber-shot RX100 Mark VI is perhaps the best compact camera in the market today. You don’t want a big camera in your hand when you’re paragliding or hiking up a hill. Compact cameras are best for traveling and this one provides many features of high-end cameras in a much smaller package.

The reason this is the best is that it is the best deal for its quality and price. And with its superzoom feature, you can take wide landscapes photos when you’re out and about. As for the camera’s video quality, it is needless to say that the 4K footage it captures is going to be less than amazing. And let’s not forget about its slow-motion feature, making your waterfall jump cinematic and truly breathtaking. 


There are plenty of cameras out there in the market, but these 4 are the best options for all different kinds of people, based on the quality of pictures and video they capture and the price of the cameras themselves. DSLRs are still the cheaper option for many, but the convenience that mirrorless cameras provide, along with their improved software features, make them a clear winner for the near future. So whatever your reason to buy a camera may be, chances are there’s one among this list that might just suit your needs.