What to do When hit By an Uninsured Driver

Uninsured Drivers

Being in a car accident is alarming enough at the best of times, but if you are hit by an uninsured driver, all sorts of issues arise. Are your repairs going to be taken care of? What about any medical bills? Most importantly, can you claim compensation? We'll take a look at what to do and offer some insight into what to do.

Get as Much Info as Possible

One of the first things you should do in an accident is the exchange details with the other party. This is a legal requirement. It is at this point you will start to get an idea that the other driver may be hiding something. They might make offers like, 'why not let's settle this between ourselves', or, ' there's no need to get the insurers involved'. Resist taking anyone up on such an offer and insist on doing things properly. Take the details of any witnesses to the incident, this may be critical in the long-term.

Call the Cops

At this point, a phone call to the police is in order. If the other party is in any way becoming aggressive, then retreat to the safety of your vehicle if it is not in a dangerous position or a dangerous condition. Try to not engage in arguments or fights and let the cops sort out the fine details.

Take Photos

Take pictures of the incident, including the vehicles, especially the other driver's license plate, you never know if they might try to leave the scene. You can also check if there were any speed or safety cameras in the area, as they may have caught the incident or at least the lead up to it. You can request the relevant authorities to have the tapes released.

Get Legal Representation

It is important to get legal representation in the event of being hit by an uninsured driver, as although they will be criminally liable to charges of driving without insurance. Their prosecution will not help you in your quest to be compensated or even have your expenses paid. Find a lawyer with expertise in this area, and we would recommend legal consultation such as this. Your lawyer will be able to assess the best course of action and know of ways to ensure that the offending party does not find ways of evading their liability. Remember, just because they don't have insurance to pay your compensation, this does not mean they are off the hook. A good lawyer should be able to conclude if they are in a state to pay you and know how to get it.

Contact Your Insurers

Finally, you must contact your insurance provider. Not only is it a legal requirement to inform them of any accident you have been in, but you may also need to claim from them in a worst-case scenario. Most insurers will at least offer advice on how to proceed, as it will reduce the chance of them paying out if you handle it well.