Top ways to avoid or reduce unwanted payments

One of the most frustrating things about getting a ticket often isn’t the inconvenience of having to deal with the paperwork. It usually isn’t even the feeling of being punished; that’s the worst part. For many, the most irritating part of being caught by a camera is fine you then have to pay. Depending on the violation, it could end up costing you a lot of money which you could have spent on better things.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the people behind these cameras that are regularly after money from you. If it feels like every letter you open is asking you for money even when you haven’t committed a traffic violation, here are some ways you can help avoid or reduce the payments you’re being asked for.

Energy bills

Other than mortgage or rent, one of the biggest bills we get through our door every month is our energy bills. As so many devices in our home rely on electricity to work, whether it’s our TV, our ovens or even just charging your phone, energy bills are just one of life’s necessary evils. Whilst you have to pay the bills, there are ways of reducing the price you have to pay.

The confusing fact is that different providers will charge you different prices for the exact same electricity. If you switch electricity providers, you won’t have to change a single fuse or wire in your home, but you could end up reducing your bills by a considerable amount. If you run your own business, this process could easily be the difference between turning a profit and not each month. To find the best business energy quotes use a comparison website to compare all of the best deals on the market. Once you’ve chosen the best deal for your business, it’ll take minutes to fill in all the details needed to switch providers.


Another necessary evil that regularly comes through your door is your tax bill. No matter the number of government services you use, you’re still liable to pay taxes every year. Whilst there is very little if any negotiating possible with the IRS on how much you need to pay, there are things you can do to avoid paying more than you need to. The most obvious is to get all of your paperwork in on time. If you file your taxes late, you could face an automatic fine plus interest on any money that you owe.

Cancel memberships

One thing that you have control over is the clubs and services you are a membership to. If you want to reduce the bills, you’re paying every month, consider whether you truly need these services. For example, if you don’t visit the gym very often, it might be better to cancel your membership and instead buy some weights for your garage. Not only will you avoid paying a monthly fee, but you might find you exercise more if you have the equipment in your home.