Best GPS Apps for iOS and Android

A reliable GPS app is essential to be able to drive safely these days. In our chaotic modern world filled with traffic, cameras, and more, these apps are critical for being able to safely navigate, whether visiting somewhere new or even driving around your own neighborhood.

GPS apps can do a lot more than just navigation. The best apps come loaded with a host of features, such as automated notifications, search history, traffic updates, the ability to track more than one device, and, in some cases, show the location of cameras. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the popular and efficient GPS apps for Android and iOS phones. Let’s take a look at the best GPS apps available today so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Syndicated Maps

Photo Enforced's Syndicated Maps app is a lightweight map app that simply needs to be bookmarked. This means you won’t need to download yet another app to take up space on your phone! The maps are mobile-friendly and easy to use on your iOS or Android phone, allowing you to instantly access the maps from a shortcut on your screen without needing to sign in.

Simply open the shortcut and Syndicated Maps will find your location, showing you the relevant information for your area. The maps each have their own unique icon, allowing you to find the kind of data you are most interested in. The maps identify all types of cameras, but you can filter by speed cameras, red-light cameras, and traffic cameras, depending on your preference.

Google Maps

Launched by Google, this free navigation app enables users to access real-time traffic data, choose their mode of transport for easy navigation, and get accurate directions. It automatically re-reroutes if you take a wrong turn. The specialty of this app is its virtual view that allows users to get a glimpse of streets, restaurants, and other nearby locations.


Covering more than 600 cities in 100+ countries, Maps.ME is another reliable navigation app for iOS and Android users. The app is designed for tourists, both local and international, to help them find the best tourist locations, restaurants, hotels, and other places in a new city. While the free version of the app is available, you may have to make in-app purchases to access advanced features. The map is available for offline users, allowing you to find your way without an internet connection.


Developed by Waze Inc, now a Google-owned company, Waze is used to collect information about traffic. It also enables users to report mishaps, road closures due to construction and other activities, and accidents. In this way, Waze keeps you up-to-date with the current traffic conditions, but you may not like how they are collecting so much of your data and movements. The app contains the ETA sharing option, using which you can share your location with the person you are meeting as well as a voice navigation feature.


CityMaps2Go allows you to save country, city, and state maps for offline use. This navigation app covers over 150 countries and features the navigation options for more than 60,000 locations. In addition to the detailed map, CityMaps2Go has an option that enables users to save certain locations and categorize them. For example, you can find points of interest in a particular location and save them in the “things to see” category. This is a free app for Android and iOS users.

Sygic GPS

The Sygic GPS app features a voice-guided navigation option, which allows you to concentrate on driving rather than having to look at your mobile screen all the time. There is also a live-traffic update option that keeps you up-to-date with the traffic condition in the given location. Sygic GPS also offers parking suggestions after you have arrived at the desired destination, helping you to find the cheapest and most accessible parking options. The app has a pedestrian GPS navigation tool as well as a built-in dash cam that captures a video of the road ahead.


Another GPS navigation app for iOS and Android users are MapFactor. You can save the maps in this app to use them later when you are offline. It can be used to navigate your way to the nearest restaurant, sightseeing locations, streets, malls, and other places with maps for a larger number of countries and cities. It does lack certain features, however: for example, it doesn’t offer live traffic updates.

Although features and benefits vary from app to app, any of the apps listed here will allow you to navigate around safely and with ease. For most of these apps, you won’t need a top of the line iPhone or Android smartphone, though you will need sufficient memory to download and run most of the apps. This may mean checking out the latest S10plans to upgrade your phone. On the other hand, if you want to be able to track camera locations without taking up space on your phone, Photo Enforced’s Syndicated Maps is the best option.