How Do You Know If a Red Light Camera Took Your Picture

red light camera flash  

The flash of a red light camera is one of the most dreaded things you can see when you pass an intersection. You may have noticed that if you have been caught red-handed running a stop light because the camera flash will go off at the intersection.  If you don't see a flash chances are you did not run the red light.       

Red light cameras have a flash that goes off durnig the daytime or night when a violation is detected to enhance the licence plate on the rear of the vehicle.  The camera flash is very bright even during the day.  Some drivers running red lights at night have experience that these flashes are very starteling and you will very easily notice them.  

The flashes can be seen at the front and the rear of the vehicle as the cameras are located on the side of the road.  If you see a flash coming from the traffic light it is most likely not a red light camear.  

The police officer or prosecutor reviewing your photo enforced ticket must be able to provide sufficient evidence to prove that it was you driving the vehicle and the camera was working correctly at the time of recording. 

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