When Will Google Maps Sync With Traffic Lights?

According to this article, Google is experimenting with showing traffic lights in Maps

Google Maps is experimenting with a new feature that displays traffic lights directly in Maps and assumes this will be for Waze also. Traffic lights will be visible both while navigating or simply browsing around.

This doesn't mean that the red lights, yellow lights, green lights will be displayed immediately.  It will likely just be a database of traffic lights and locations.  This is what it will look like below on Google Maps.

Real-time signals would be very cool.  There is a company called Connected Signals which connects the traffic signal to the cloud and will allow mapping companies to display and optimize traffic using these signals. 

Connect Signals has a product called Transit Signal Priority (TSP), automatic Pedestrian Signaling (PedSig), and a variety of other applications without requiring the acquisition and installation of additional capital infrastructure, including roadside equipment such as special-purpose optical or radio-frequency devices or DSRC installations. The system’s key innovations are its use of existing infrastructure (including the public cellular network and the city’s Traffic Management System (TMS) and traffic network) to securely provide these capabilities, its use of mobile devices to request action from the signal network, including pedestrian walk signals, and its software-defined nature that supports extension and modification of capabilities without requiring hardware modifications or field-service modifications.