Vacation Outfits That Do not require Traveling

There are several outfits, mostly vacation outfits, that one could rock without actually going for a vacation. I am going to be a tourist here in my home city, Los Angeles.  If you got a trip underway, or you need a different fragrance of a perfume, or you want to scroll down this list of summer clothes, you are in the right place. The final touches of these outfits according to are Knock on Wood, Tory Burch, and a mix of Turkish rose.

Museum Checkout

Every time I tell myself I am heading to check an exhibit that just hit the market, I find tickets always sold out by the time the weekend rolls around. On this holiday, that is not going to happen. I will take advantage of the weather and find myself in Getty. This type of outing requires something energetic but a little bit laid back. My suggestion is to get flat sandals, a flowy or loose dress, and a large bag. You can then have other accessories like sunglasses, earrings, and bangles.

Boardwalk Stroll

Everyone has an image of what the best vacation contains. Others mention the breeze of the ocean, roller-coasters, and anything dipped in hot oil. I have a charm about the boardwalk. Living in L.A for almost a decade, I have never gone to the Santa Monica Pier. I feel it is time I visited the place. I would rock a one-piece swimsuit, high-waist jeans, and some sandals.

Flea Market Exploration

I love shopping. It is a part of my life, whether I am on the move or stagnant. The thing is, I rarely hit a flea market, so silly of me. While scrambling in between vintage tees and other things to keep at my place, nothing gives me joy, like trying to search for food or a cup of coffee while in the process.

Picnic in the Park

If I was to travel to Paris, or a city close to that, I would grab myself a bottle of wine, cheese, and a baguette, and chill in one of those hot spots among the many parks that city has. In my hometown, there are so many parks.  What prevents me from doing the same in my home city? There are stunning parks all around here. I will take advantage of the situation and move along. For this picnic, I could get a summery dress that goes hand in hand with a great pair of clogs, and a tote, preferably woven. The outfit would make for the perfect picnic look that I want.

Melt in the sun at the beach

When you mention the word beach, an outfit crosses your mind instantly. Whenever you think of a vacation, the beach cannot miss on the list of places you would love to visit. Going to the beach means waking up early, hitting the road before any soul does, and booking yourself the best spot you can find on the sand, away from soccer spots and volleyball nets. What do you picture on a beach day? I would imagine a magazine, lots of snacks, lots of fun drinks and obviously, a killer look. I could go with breezy wavy kaftan that I can put on my swimsuit, and a pair of sandals, the slip-on types. Picture me rocking these and tell me whether you won't notice me, walking across the beach, with a drink on my hand.