Why Ozone Technology Is Effective At Killing Bad Smells

Car detailing experts are often posed with the question by many customers “what can you do to get rid of the cigarette smell from my car?”. Most often you will get 5 to 10 different answers to this. Although most will help with alleviating some of the smell, we found a great piece of technology that will effectively eradicate the stench to its near entirety. To put you out of your misery, it’s what’s known as an ozone generating machine. It is not a new piece of technology, in fact, it’s commonly used to remove cigarette smell and unpleasant smells from rooms, a widely adopted technique by large hotel associations.

But before we dive into this, you must understand that an ozone generator is not a magical machine that will eradicate smell with a snap of the fingers. You still need to clean the interior, most likely an interior detail to remove any possible culprits such as rotting food, spilled drinks, rubbish and so on. Then following through with an interior shampoo of carpet, seats and mats to ensure that stains and embedded contaminants are flushed. Then as an additional layer of odor treatment, we introduce the ozone machine.

How does it work?

By transforming the air particles in to ozone, the machine is able to use this form as a means of  destroying bad particles loosely found in the air, which happens to be the main culprit for foul smells and unpleasant stench (especially in your car).

You should definitely consider the use of an ozone machine if you have tried pretty much all you could possibly think of or find on the internet. We understand that there are hundreds of different guides about removing bad smells, but they don’t really tackle airborne pollutants all of which an ozone machine is able to reach. This is what makes it as a great complementary tool to any shampoo methods and home remedies found online

Using an ozone generator is very easy to use, but of course, does incur some safety implications that need to be followed as ozone is not safe for inhaling. You can pretty much connect the power and let it operate. Give it about 20 minutes to do its work, time will vary depending on the strength of your ozone machine. As ozone accumulates in concentration within the car by spreading to all regions of the car both on hard surfaces and airborne, it will tackle these bad particles, making it super effective against viruses and bacteria. Ensure that there is enough ventilation around the car and that no one is nearby to inhale it.

What is Ozone

Ozone loosely binds with bacterial and virus-like particles due to its loose and unstable nature. In doing so, it is able to kill these nasty contaminants at its core since it is offers a sterilizing component

Ozone is gas with a very low half-life meaning its transportation can be quite the heavy challenge. In Layman’s terms, ozone does not last very long in the atmosphere and similarly deteriorates over time. That’s why the recommended flush out time is crucial towards implement safety procedures when using the generator

What Factors Influence The Ozone Machine Effectiveness?

Ozone is an excellent option for eradicating bad smells that may be derived from cigarettes, hygiene, pets and so on. Do also note that the outcome success can be dependent upon a variety of factors including the environment. Humidity for one, typically increases the stench of bad smells due to the excess dampness, moisture and warmth, which provide ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and so on. This can often imply the existence of bacterial spores and so on, not a great sign and a big red flag to address immediately. As effective as ozone is in removing bad smell, it can’t remove physical rubbish, so please do take into account of cleaning your car prior to its use.

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