Top Apps to Learn the A-Z of Driving a Car

It can be incredibly exhausting to learn to drive a car. As a driver, you not only need to know the insides and outsides of a vehicle but also must have a clear insight into the traffic rules. Now, you can learn all this and more without going to a driving school. How? Just with the help of some online mobile apps. Today there is a myriad of apps that can help you learn to drive a car. However, sometimes it is impossible to decide which one is the best of the available apps. So, to help you with the same, we have come up with a list of five of the best driving lesson apps that you can download right away. Let’s take a look at them one by one.  

Learn Driving

Learn driving is a fantastic car learning app. Sarah, who offers online do my programming homework services says that this app will help you understand and learn the basics of riding an automatic transmission car. There are four sections in the app. Let’s know more about these sections.  

FirstKnow About Cars Controls

Under this section, you can know about the features as well as the controls of the car. 

Second: Start to Drive

Under this section, you will learn how to ride your car. It will give you an insight into everything from putting a seat belt to the time you park your vehicle. 

Third: Basic Traffic Rules

It is the section where you can learn about traffic signals and traffic lights. It will also help you learn about the things you must never do while driving a car.  

Fourth: Driving Tips & Tricks 

Under this, you’ll get additional learning associated with your car, such as – how to drive at night, how to save petrol, how to drive in snow or fog, when to use flash headlights, what to do when the tire blows out, and more. 

Driving Lessons

I believe watching something is a far better way of learning than reading about it. So, using this app, you can learn driving along with the basics of riding a vehicle, in a simplified and easy manner. The app will teach you how to handle the steering on tricky roads or roundabouts, how to be safe while driving on a highway, tips to better your driving skills, and how to park your car in different situations. You can avail all of this information and more by watching the videos listed on the app. The videos are not only detailed but also very informative.

Driving Theory Test Genie

Alex, who offers online accounting homework helpsays that he used this app to know about the pattern as well as the questions of a real driving test. The app has the latest mock papers that will help you improve your knowledge. In addition to it, you can also find a detailed explanation related to a few difficult topics and hints to the answer to some questions. You can solve the problems and then learn from your mistakes by reviewing them. 

Driving Rules & Traffic Signs

To be safe while riding a car, you need to be aware of the applicable rules and regulations. It is a crucial aspect of driving. Moreover, if you are aware of the rules, you’ll save yourself from all the legal hassles. So, use the app to learn about the regulations associated with driving such as the value of a license, the importance of wearing a seat belt, different traffic rules, and more.     

Learn To Drive a Manual Car

Undoubtedly driving an automatic car is far simpler than riding a manual vehicle. When a person is driving an automatic vehicle, he only needs to control the steering wheel, focus on the road, and do a minimum gear shifting. On the other hand, in manual driving, you ought to be aware of every aspect of driving. You have to continually change the gear to adjust the speed and simultaneously press the clutch. Though it isn’t impossible, it will take time to master. Kiara, who recently had to pay for research paper service, says that she used the app to learn more about using the clutch right. So, right from the step by step guide of driving to the manual shifting of the gear, you can learn it all via this app. It is the perfect app for beginners who wish to learn how to ride a manual car. 

These according to us are the top five apps to learn the A-Z of driving.