How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take?

Filing for a Personal Injury claim is a long and painstaking process and may make you rather uneasy if it drags on for years. This is because there is a whole set of procedures involved before as well as after filing your claim.

In this article, we shall highlight the timeline of procedures involved in a Personal Injury Case, as well as factors that may increase the timeline.

What is involved in a Personal Injury Case?

A whole range of procedures and actions are involved which determine how long it would be before you can finally receive your deserved compensation.

These procedures and actions include:

·       Receiving the necessary medical treatment
·       Hiring a Lawyer
·       Investigation of the claim and review of medical records
·       Consideration of the demand and negotiation
·       Filing of the Lawsuit
·       The process of Discovery
·       Negotiation or The trial

After an accident, a person has to seek the necessary medical treatment first of all before doing anything especially if they are severely injured. Then they choose to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer who proceeds to investigate the claim by reviewing the medical records and calculating the damages involved. Hiring the Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer would be a best choice if you’re looking out for a perfect attorney.

Once the lawyer is done investigating, they shall move on to file the lawsuit after which both of the involved parties are involved in the Discovery Process. This may take an additional of 6-12 months.

Either the parties reach mediation and negotiation, or move on to a trial which can last anywhere between a day and even weeks as well.

What Problems May Cause The Case to Prolong?

The timeline of the case can range from a few months to even years, depending on the problems involved in the case.

1.     The liability may be hard to prove

Many times, all the parties involved including the witnesses may be making different kind of statements leading to ambiguity and uncertainty in the case.

2.     The physicians may not be sure of the damages

Often at times, the physicians who are treating the victim may not be sure of the total damages.

3.     The Insurers are not ready to pay a hefty amount

In case that the amount of the damages comes as ‘too big’ for the Insurance Company, they may be hesitant in releasing such a huge amount.

Insurers are usually bent on decreasing the insurance amount as much as they can which is why they can try to attach the credibility of the client or state that the injuries are not as severe.

4.     The medical treatment is still on-going

In case your medical treatment is still on-going, you may not be able to present the total amount of compensation you require.

5.     You cannot decide the amount

Many people are in need of receiving the compensation right away, which means they have to settle for a lower amount as well leading to confusion overall.