Benefits of Having a Car in College

college bound cartoon

Student’s life begins not only with getting new knowledge but with getting freedom as well. The most significant youths dream in high school is getting a driving license. But it worth nothing if you don’t have a car. If you are lucky and your parents presented it to you (whether you made your own money or you took a loan in the bank), you may feel the benefits of instead having it nor not having. 

If you use your car smartly and will be avoiding jams, you will save a lot of time   and exclaim enthusiastically: I am so proud I still have enough days to write my essays.” Besides, let’s look at more benefits of having a car in college we presented in this article.  

1) Take more things with you.

Every day students have to visit classes with a lot of books, notebooks, laptops, and other small things. This equipment may not fit in your backpack. It is much comfortable to use the luggage boot. 
At the same time, it is comfortable to drive for goods in the supermarket for a week ahead. 

2) Dress with elegance.

Are you planning dates after lectures? Car is the only rescuer that protects you from getting a slap in a puddle, pushing in public transport, and vast layers of clothing, especially in winter. 

3) Expand your circle of acquaintances.

Mostly the car is no longer perceived as a show-off. In any case, not for everybody. Maybe you would not make reliable friends this way, but expand your circle of acquaintances for sure. This is not so bad at first college’s grade.

4) Learn responsibility.

Holding the car’s wheel is not a game. As sooner young persons own cars, as faster they will understand the value of each breakage. It doesn’t mean that you have to prepare for the worse, but owning a car helps you strictly plan your budget.
The cardholder is not the only title for the taxpayer as a response for money. It is also safe driving and response for your own life and life of the passengers. 

5) Get easily anywhere you like.

You may travel anywhere without taking public transport. Isn’t it a dream for every student? Get to your classes on time. In the car, every road passes shortly with good music. But remember about speed limits: you don’t want to be caught by red-light cameras. 

6) Time management.

Owning a car, students will learn how to manage their time fast and easily. Plan your trip in ahead, calculate time and distance to get to the college precisely to the minute. 

7) Free from the risk of alcohol addiction.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle and want to become really independent, a car will help you to stand by your standards. Everybody knows that drinking and driving are strictly not compatible.


The decision to own a car in college’s times is only on the student’s shoulders. If you found more cons than pros in this question, you are just welcome to enjoy your safe driving!