How to Improve Your Car's Horsepower and Performance

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In order to boost your car's engine power, you must create additional combustion in your car's fuel chamber. Extra oil cannot be added to your engine to increase power.  

Instead, you must modify your engine so that you can increase the airflow and fuel combustion. Take a look at prodrive performance parts if you wish to power things up. Here are five things that can be done to make your vehicle run faster and boost your engine power.

Cold Air Intake

One easy and inexpensive way to increase your engine's horsepower and torque are to install a cold air intake. This aftermarket part pulls cold air into your engine. Cold air is denser than warm air. When the cold air mixes with your fuel, the fuel burns more efficiently and increases your power. This aftermarket part increases the amount of air in the engine, which increases the combustion in your engine.  For 4x4 vehicles, you can also install a raised air intake, that enables the engine to use colder and cleaner air. 

Reduce Your Car's Weight

A lighter car will be faster than a heavier car. To help increase your engine's power bulky items in the car should be replaced with lighter components. Remove extra seat in your car, remove items in the trunk that you do not use, replace your brakes for disc brakes, and replace your glass windows with acrylic windows. Making these changes will improve your car's aerodynamics and increase your speed and engine power.

Install an Aftermarket Performance Chipset

Your car has an automatic system that controls the activities in your car. For example, your car has an onboard computer. This computer controls the ratio of combustion, regulates your car's timing, controls the anti-lock braking system, etc. An aftermarket performance chipset allows you to override your car's factory settings. Replacing this can help to improve performance and boost engine power.

Install a Cat-Back Exhaust System

Your car's stock muffler and exhaust pipe can decrease your car's horsepower and speed. Removing these factory parts and installing a cat-back exhaust system will increase your car's power. This exhaust system is installed behind your car's catalytic converter and increases airflow supply to enhance performance and power. The system pushes your car's exhaust gases out quicker, which makes more room in your engine for fuel and air. 

Install a Forced Induction System

A turbocharger or supercharger adds horsepower and torque to your car. In fact, a forced induction system can boost your car's engine power by more than 50 percent. Forced induction systems provide more air to the engine block, which increases combustion inside the engine, which will increase horsepower.