How to Avoid Car Accidents

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Of course, it goes without saying that you must have a lot of driving lessons before being able to pass your test. However, once they have a license, not everybody chooses to continue to drive with the upmost care and attention. People become comfortable and forget to be vigilant despite the fact that roads can be very dangerous places. Car accidents happen all the time and if you’re ever involved in one you could contact someone like this Los Angeles car accident lawyer. However, if you, like most others, want to avoid them at any cost, take a look at these tips.


Distractions are one of the number one causes of accidents on the road. It’s best not to have the radio, podcasts, phone or music on while your drive however, we know that long journeys can be tedious, and this helps to make them more enjoyable. So instead make sure that the volume is always kept at a reasonable level so that it does not distract you and so that you can hear any mechanical issues with your car. It also helps you to hear notice danger signals from other drivers such as the squeal of breaks, honking of horns and so on. Make sure that the pause button is easy to reach in case of situations where you need full concentration.

Blind Spots

Blind spots are an often overlooked but incredibly crucial danger to be aware of. Relying solely on your mirrors when maneuvering is not enough as they do not enable you too see the full situation around you, you must also turn your head to ensure that there is nobody in your way.

Adverse Conditions

You must alter your driving style depending on the conditions in which you are driving. For example, if it is snowy and icy, drive slowly but in as high a gear as possible to reduce wheel revolutions and therefore the chance of skidding. If it is raining, slow down as the road surfaces will be slippery and visibility will be reduced. Do the same at night and if the sun is low in the sky as it can dazzle you.

Don’t Assume

Don’t assume that all other drivers play by the rules. Double check before making a move as you may collide into someone who has run a red light, or who hasn’t bothered indicating when pulling out.

Look After Your Car

Weekly car maintenance can help you to avoid breakdowns which could cause you great danger especially if you’re on a busy road. Carry out oil and coolant checks to keep your engine running smoothly. Make sure you have plenty of screen wash so that you can always see clearly, and make sure your tires are always fully pumped.

It’s not always possible to avoid accidents on the road but there are certain things you can do to lessen the chance of it happening to you. For more information on the problems you can face as a driver, head to