Google Maps 10x Price Increase = Downgraded User Experiences

Unfortunately, Google Maps has raised pricing by 10x on us and  This price hike has forced us to publish our map data using Google Fusion Tables. Should you wish to search or add new locations to the map please use our regional state and city pages where we will continue to use the ZeeMaps data management service.

We are now obligated to pay Google Maps a $5 CPM (.50 cents previously) to publish our maps while we only average approximately $3 CPM from Google Advertising.  If you do the math that means we are losing $2 per thousand visitors now if we continue to use Google Maps.  Before the price hike, we could make a reasonable but not greedy $2.50 per thousand visitors. Publishing map data is not exactly a profitable business anymore.

We apologize for your downgraded experience and you can thank Google Maps no flexibility on pricing model for startups or companies that are virtually non-profit.