How Cab Drivers Keep Their Speeding Tickets to a Minimum

Industry Tips and Tricks: How Cab Drivers Keep Their Speeding Tickets to a Minimum

For those who work as professional drivers, there is arguably a greater chance of getting speeding tickets. Not because they’re likely to break the rules more often, but simply because they’re going to spend far more time behind the wheel than your average road users.

Unfortunately, it is also much worse for them when they do get a ticket. Tickets often lead not just to fines, but to points on their licences, and if these build up enough, they run the risk of being permanently banned from the roads and losing their livelihoods.

Little wonder, then, that most have plenty of tips and tricks up their sleeves to keep their mistakes to a minimum. If you’re wondering how they do it, read on to find out… 

#1: Speed Limiters

A lot of taxi drivers are turning to technology to help them stay below the speed limit, and many of the newer cars available from retailers like Cab Direct have speed limiters installed for just this reason. Setting the top speed that the vehicle can reach, these make it impossible for the driver to exceed the figure set, so that breaking the law and getting a ticket is something you never need to worry about. 

#2: Cruise Control

Cruise control works in a similar way, and is another trick used by taxi cab drivers to keep their speed down. Alternatively known as speed control or auto cruise, it automatically controls the speed of the motor vehicle. It does this by taking over the throttle of the car, to maintain the steady speed set by the person behind the wheel. This means that no accidental upsurges can occur even if the driver’s attention does wander for a moment or two. 

#3: Road Sign Identification

Alternatively, some cabbies choose to use road sign recognition technology. This enables the vehicle to ‘read’ traffic signs, and to react to them accordingly without any intervention from the driver. Thus, should a zone suddenly drop from 50 mph to 30 mph, or a sign appear warning of the presence of children in the area or a sharp turn ahead, the car can moderate its own speed to ensure that the speed limit is not breached and you don’t find a ticket in your post one day.

Take these tips and tricks from the experts and use them to improve your own driving today. They will not only save you money, but keep you and other road users safer too, making them beneficial for everyone.